The History Department offers courses in a variety of disciplines that allow students to understand and examine the past and present forces that shape the society in which they live. Through History, Economics, Philosophy, Civics, Law and Anthropology/Psychology/Sociology, students apply their critical thinking skills to better understand their role in Canada, and in the world as a whole. A variety of activities and lessons offer students skill-building opportunities along with increasing their knowledge of the discipline they are studying. Courses are designed so that the skills learned and concepts covered can be applied on a cross-curricular basis.

Highlights Include:

  • an annual field trip to the Royal Ontario Museum where History comes alive and the philosophical contributions of various civilizations are examined,
  • guest speakers such as Holocaust survivors, economists, statisticians, police officers, and Center of Addiction and Mental Health workers that give students firsthand accounts of their work in disciplines related to courses offered by the department

Course Descriptions:

    Grade 10:

      CHC 2D/P – Twentieth Century Canadian History (Academic, Applied)
      CHV 2O – Civics (Open)

    Grade 11:

      CHW 3M – World History until the Sixteenth Century
      CIE 3M – The Individual and the Economy
      CLU 3M – Canadian Law
      HSP 3U/C – Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology

    Grade 12:

      CHY 4U – World History: West and the World
      CIA 4U – Analyzing Current Economic Issues
      CLN 4U – Canadian and International Law
      HSB 4U/C – Society: Challenge and Change

The Ministry of Education provides detailed course descriptions.