The Bethune Mathematics Department is committed to providing students with a strong foundation and understanding of mathematics that will help them to achieve success both now and in the future. Opportunities are provided to students through the regular curriculum as well as through a wide variety of extra-curricular activities for their enrichment.

Math Courses

For high school graduation a student must complete at least 3 math credits, with at least one at the senior level.

At the grade 9 level there are 3 courses: Academic, Applied and Essentials (LDCC).

In Academic, the emphasis is on theory and abstract thinking. This stream leads to post secondary degree/diploma programs that require a high level of mathematics (e.g. engineering, computers, medicine).

In Applied, real life situations are used to illustrate ideas and more opportunities are given to experience hands-on applications of concepts. This stream leads to post secondary degree/diploma programs that require some mathematics (e.g. manufacturing, fashion, hospitality management).

In Essentials, special attention is given to skills and knowledge that the students should have previously mastered. This stream leads to post secondary degree/diploma programs that require little or no mathematics (e.g. journalism, social services. theatre arts).

Grade 9 Information

All grade 9 Academic & Applied math students must write the EQAO Math Assessment in June and this is worth 10% of their final grade.

After grade 9, teachers will recommend appropriate selections for grade 10. Students may switch between the Applied and Academic programs before starting grade 10, but only after successfully completing a transfer course. For Grade 10, Academic, Applied and Essentials courses are available.


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Math Enrichment

There are many opportunities for students to participate in activities to enhance their math skills and to communicate their understanding. Students can participate in mathematic competitions and join the math club.

Math Competitions

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Math Club

A student run club for those who are interested in challenging math problems & puzzles, contests, recreational mathematics and games. Student help each other to prepare competitions and also to stimulate deeper problem solving.

Math Club Executive

  • W. Zheng (President)
  • A. Hua (Vice-President)
  • A. Huang
  • M. Lu
  • E. Li
  • V. Li
  • S. Song

Math Remediation

Every effort is made to assist students who may be experiencing difficulty in math. All math teachers are available for extra help. In addition, there is:

  • Bethune Math Mentors—a lunchtime program where students can drop in for extra help and work on their math skills with senior Bethune math students.

  • An Afterschool Numeracy Program, where students receive grade specific help from teachers in a smaller group setting to address numeracy skills necessary for success in their math courses.

  • Mathify: A free online tutoring service available to all Grade 9 & 10 students. Click here for more information about this service.